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In the mean time, you might enjoy visiting the sites of these dollmakers:

Shelley Thornton, NIADA artist
and creator of

Lisa Lichtenfels, NIADA artist
See gorgeous art photos of Lisa's breathtaking soft sculptures.

Antonette Cely, NIADA artist
Find out about Noni's beautiful dolls, her great how-to books, as well as classes and the Jekyll Island Doll Seminar.

Chomick and Meder, NIADA artists
Check out this entertaining, award-winning site, and get to know the wonderful work of this wacky duo.

Akira Blount, NIADA artist
Akira is unarguably one of the best artists in the doll world, and this professional site is a pleasure to view.

Marlaine Verhelst, dollmaker, the Netherlands
This artist is one on the short list of my personal favorite dollmakers of the world.

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